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History of ChengGong 

Chenggong is China's largest state-owned machine building enterprise. The company was founded in 1953 and is engaged in the production of wheel loaders, road rollers, graders, and excavators. The history of this plant began with the production of a small batch of construction equipment, which was used for the construction of China. Today it is a plant with a worldwide reputation, and they have been able to achieve global recognition thanks to technological innovations and constant growth and development.


Today, loaders from the manufacturer Chenggong have declared themselves as high-quality functional equipment that greatly simplifies tasks on the construction site. Each model of the front loader released by this company includes an economical engine, and also meets high technical specifications. All this is combined with modern electronic control systems and enables special-purpose equipment to demonstrate excellent results in reliability, maneuverability and productivity.

Features of loaders from Chenggong

Loaders from the manufacturer Cheng Gong are considered multifunctional equipment, which varies from model to model in terms of the specifics of the action. At the same time, many of the characteristics of the models are common. It's about:

load capacity;

Bucket type and volume;

Maximum unloading height;

Normal and special free play;


Weight and dimensions;

Possibility to choose and use additional hinged components.

All manufactured Chenggong wheel loaders are characterized by increased productivity. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of a comfortable cabin: in new models it has become even more ergonomic. Thanks to the increased tightness of the cab, there will now be less noise and dust in it, and the loader's hydrostatic drive includes low-speed and high-speed hydraulic motors.


Advantages of Chenggong loaders

Front loaders of this manufacturer have gained wide popularity due to decent load lifting and versatility of use. Among the advantages of the equipment, which are called by users, we can distinguish:

Sufficiently high speed. Loaders from Cheng Gong are able to work mobilely with a bucket, lowering and raising it as much as possible. Thus, all construction sites reduce the time of work.

Excellent maneuverability and a decent level of stability allows you to clearly control the movement of equipment and use it even in conditions of limited free space.

When using the front wheels, the highest speed of the front loader is achieved.

Manufacturer Chenggong keeps up with the times, and therefore all manufactured equipment meets the expected quality and performance.

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