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Today, many companies are engaged in the production of trucks, some manage to gain a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality wheeled and tracked vehicles. Not every company that has been on the market for many years can boast of stability and constant demand for the machines it produces, but there are also industry leaders, the demand for whose equipment never goes out.

CUKUROVA can be called one of the leaders in the production of crawler excavators and loaders. The Turkish company begins its history in 1968, producing agricultural machinery. Since 1986, CUKUROVA has begun to implement its own developments by opening the production of construction and earthmoving equipment. All the accumulated experience was fully invested in the new inventions of the company, which allowed it to take a leading position in the world market of road and agricultural engineering almost immediately.

Backhoe loader Cukurova 888

To date, the production of well-known Turkish equipment is carried out by the Cumitas plant, which is located in Turkey in the city of Tarsus. The production capacity of the plant is quite large and allows to produce about 2,000 pieces of equipment annually. All workshops of the enterprise are equipped according to the latest introductions in the field of mechanical engineering.

In addition, the company has many representative offices and dealerships in 30 leading countries of our planet. The product range includes the following equipment:


Loading type excavators;

Wheel loaders;



Tracked excavators CUKUROVA CMI723

The CUKUROVA CMI723 crawler excavator is a distinct representative of the medium-weight excavator range with clear hints of the “market elite”. The model has been produced since 2012. With its technical and ergonomic characteristics, the Turkish excavator model falls in love and amazes customers, already gaining worldwide popularity. CUKUROVA itself does not produce the internal stuffing of machines, it successfully introduces the best parts of world famous brands. Thus, the CMI723 tracked vehicle model is equipped with a four-stroke diesel engine using a 150 hp / 122 kW turbocharging system from the well-known John Deere Corporation, engine model 6068TF275. The ergonomics of the cab and the convenience of the internal structure allow the operator to perform any task with the excavator. The swivel system of this piece of equipment uses an axial piston engine and the latest planetary gearbox, the bucket volume of the machine is 0.85 m3, and the weight is 23 tons. Every year CUKUROVA introduces innovations in this model, without changing the name, and today CMI723 occupies the first lines in the ranking of crawler excavators in its class.


CUKUROVA backhoe loaders

Tarsus CUKUROVA wheeled backhoe loaders are able to compete on equal terms with the leading manufacturers of earthmoving equipment, thanks to successful and professional management, the combination of component mechanisms of backhoe loaders is considered one of the best:

Engines, depending on models, John Deere or Perkins;

Hydraulic system from Bosch;

Transmission Carrara.

Cukurova 828B

The Tarsus 828B excavator is one of the lightest models of the CUKUROVA line, its weight is 7.3 tons, it is equipped with a 1004-4 engine from Perkins, which has a power of 62.6 kW, the bucket can install up to 1 m3.


Cukurova 880

The model of the CUKUROVA 880 backhoe loader is the lightest model of this class represented by the Turkish company (7100 kg). Accordingly, the engine power produced by Kirloskar is less than that of its counterparts - 56kW. The bucket can also be installed, up to 1m3. The machine can unload from a height of 4.7m, and dig to a depth of 5.8m.


Cukurova 883

The next model 883, is a heavier representative of this class of equipment, has a weight of 8.1 tons. It is equipped with a Perkins 1104C-TT engine with a power of 74.5 kW. The bucket on this model can already be hung up to 1.1 m3. The dimensions of such a "tractor": height 3.83 m, width 2.28, length 5.78.

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