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History of Doosan

The manufacturing company works through its products to the smallest detail. This also applies to the Doosan DX225LCA excavator, for the manufacture of which materials of high quality and reliability are used. Modern technologies and equipment make it possible to automate the process as much as possible, which has a positive effect on the strength and durability of the machine. The operator's cab is comfortable and safe, which increases productivity and speed of work.

Doosan Crawler Excavator DX225LCA


Features and Benefits

Specifications and dimensions

Power unit



Hydraulic system

Operator's place

Ease of use and maintenance




The caterpillar track allows the use of special construction equipment in conditions of weakened soils, soft or waterlogged ground. High permeability is ensured even on clay, sandy and loess soil.


The main purpose of the Doosan DX225LCA excavator is the production of loading and earthworks. The excavator easily copes with the device of excavations - trenches, pits, pits, and embankments - dams, dumps, etc. Another area of application is construction. Here Dusan 225 contributes to an increase in the rate of demolition of construction objects, performs work on landscaping. In road maintenance, an excavator can be used to remove an existing roadway. For effective work in agricultural activities and communal services, additional working bodies are established.


Doosan DX225LCA excavator

The control systems for the working body are highly accurate, which guarantees safety and ease of work of any complexity. The controls are equipped with buttons that control the mounted implements. This can be a grapple, grab, crusher, etc. Doosan 225 excavator handles facilitate fast and high-quality movement of the load in the raised bucket around the site, as well as provide high breakout force without the need for additional effort.

The main advantages of the technology include productivity, reliability, long service life, as well as a quick return on investment.

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