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History of Gradall Excavators

The legendary Gradall excavator, the world's first telescopic excavator, was created by brothers Ray and Kuhn Verwerda in the early 1940s. In 1944, the brothers received a patent for their development, after which they signed an agreement for the production of excavators with Warner & Swasey Co. from Cleveland, USA.

Over the years, other concerns have entered the Gradall Division: one for the production of tractors for cranes and dump trucks; another for the production of small backhoe loaders; the third is for the production of vehicles and hydraulic cranes.

Gradall later changed owners several times: Bendix Corp., GBKS, ICM Industries, Morgan investment group, Lewis, Githens and Ahn. In 1999, Gradall was acquired by JLG Industries. Finally, in 2006, the company became part of the Alamo Group Inc.


The Gradall XL 3200 III excavator-planer, with its relatively small dimensions, is designed for work in hard-to-reach places. The telescopic boom of this excavator makes it possible to dig ditches near power lines, trees and under bridges. The boom length in working condition is 8.4 m.

Design features and main technical characteristics

A special counterweight design was created for this excavator. Its feature is a small rear overhang. And, this allows you to make the most of the design features when profiling road slopes.

High pressure automatic hydraulic system saves fuel and shortens operating time. A switch for selecting a lever control scheme is installed in the excavator cab. Such programs are developed by Gradall, Deere and SAE. By means of a lever, the deflection angle is controlled. The angle is adjustable within 220 degrees.

It must be noted that the boom itself is deflected here, and not the attachments. This contributes to a more accurate performance of the specified functions.

The Gradall XL 3200 III excavator-planer is equipped with a Detroit Diesel OM 904 engine with an output of 128 kW. In terms of technical characteristics, this excavator is not inferior to similar standard special equipment: neither the cycle time, nor the force on the boom.


Attachment options

Replacement parts and additional tools suitable for the latest Series III models can be applied to this machine as well. The excavator can be equipped with:



pneumatic or hydraulic breakers,

grabbing buckets,

buckets for cutting the road surface,

other add. equipment.

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