Ditch Witch Tractors Service Manuals

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History of Ditch Witch Excavator’s

The history of Ditch Witch illustrates the entire evolution of utility paving technology from manual trenching to modern trenchless construction techniques.

The first product of Ditch Witch founder Ed Malzahn of Perry, Oklahoma was a trencher that solves the labor-intensive problem of laying pipes with a hand-held pick and shovel.

However, the trencher, already up for sale, had no name yet. Ed then turned to Lewis Brandenburg, an agency owner in Tulsa, for help.

That evening, various names were discussed, most often associated with representatives of the fauna living in the earth - chipmunks, moles. Before ending the meeting, Ed told Lewis that he wanted to include the word "ditcher" or "trencher" in the title.

By morning, the main contender was the Ditch Witch name. At the same time, the brand name was created - the silhouette of a witch riding a shovel against the background of a full moon. Such was the birth of the Dich Vic brand.

The creator of Ditch Witch says that many of the features that distinguish Ditch Witch from other companies came about by accident. The color of "Geronimo", Maltsan's first invention to evacuate oil rig workers in the event of a fire, was originally red. This color is associated with the reliability of mechanisms (which is why fire extinguishers are painted red). But the unprimed metal painted in red quickly loses its color. Ed decided to contact the lumber yard owner who had a decent supply of orange paint.

Before showing the first Ditch Witch, Maltsan began painting it. Yellow is considered a classic in painting construction equipment. But after Geronimo, orange paint remained in the spraying unit. Given the lack of time, the founder of Ditch Witch decided to make his first trencher orange.

The unusual name and vibrant color, along with the unique capabilities of the new trencher, have become the main features of the Ditch Witch brand.


Trencher Ditch Witch С24X

Maximize productivity and profitability with the C24X DitchWitch® hand trencher. The exclusive CX Series trencher track design provides better traction and maneuverability in a smaller footprint, allowing you to work in even tighter spaces. Easy-to-use controls respond well to commands, ensuring smooth operations. Unmatched Serviceability - Simple open design for easy access and no daily lubrication, reducing maintenance time by keeping the C24X hand trencher ready to go.


Reliable 24hp Honda® engine (17.9 kW) ensures the high availability of the C24X DitchWitch® hand trencher, generating profits year after year.

Digging depths of up to 91 cm ensure high-quality pipe and cable routing.

The new design of the hydraulic system eliminates vertical shafts and belts, making the assembly simple and reliable without the risk of leaks.

Uses DitchWitch®35K digging system or new exclusive OptiCut ™ system; both are specially designed to work with DitchWitch® trenchers to optimize digging.


The exclusive CX track design provides better traction and increased stability for increased productivity.

The shorter left-hand track of the CX Series trenchers makes the machine more compact than its counterparts for better maneuverability in tight spaces.


New robust and simple pivot design does not require maintenance; it increases uptime.

The greaseless sealed bearing design extends machine life.

No need for daily lubrication - an exclusive DitchWitch® solution - reduces the hassle and time of getting the trencher ready for work.

A standard outboard bearing support stabilizes the main shaft and auger for reliability and performance every time you dig trenches.


Hydraulic steering provides great maneuverability and productivity.

Improved, easy-to-use controls are responsive and easy to operate, reducing operator fatigue and improving machine response.

The operator station provides better visibility while also increasing productivity.

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