Ferguson Tractor Service Repair Manuals

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History of Massey Ferguson Tractors

The Massey Ferguson trademark dates back to 1847. At one time, Daniel Massey founded a small factory for the production of agricultural machinery in Newcastle, in the Canadian state of Ontario. Ten years later, Alencon Harris built a steel mill to make and repair agricultural equipment in Ontario. Both pioneers of agricultural technology were, of course, competitors, however, independently of each other, they worked towards the creation of harvesting machines. And yet, in 1891, the firms merged. Manufactured in 1938 by Massey-Harris, the world's first commercially successful self-propelled combine harvester.


Engineer Harry Ferguson invented the tractor's three-point linkage that is still in use today. B1953 by Massey-Harris and Harry Ferguson Ltd. united. The name Massey Ferguson originated in 1958 as an abbreviation for Massey-Harris-Ferguson. In 1995 Massey Ferguson became part of the American corporation AGC0.

 Massey Ferguson is expanding the MF 5,400 series with new models for the next season. The new electronically controlled engines are equipped with a CommonRail fuel injection system controlled by a turbocharger.

 New models of tractors are equipped with a six-cylinder engine, new front axles that can withstand heavy loads when working with front loaders with a lifting force of 2800 da. The four-speed transmission with 4-speed suspension is standard equipment. The compact tractors of the MF 3600 series are also new.


Massey Ferguson MF 410

4 wheel drive tractor

Engine: Naturally aspirated internal combustion engine, rated ISO 40 kW (54 hp) at 2250 rpm. Maximum power - 41 kW at 2000 rpm, 3 cylinders, displacement - 3 300 cm3, water cooling.

Gearbox: 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears at 36 km / h, partially synchronized.

Shaft of selection of power: 540/664 rpm.

Hydraulics: lifting force of the hitch - 1450 daN, pump capacity - 16.7 + 36 l / min at a pressure of 175 bar, category —1/11.

Weight and dimensions: gross standard weight - 3 628 kg, unladen weight - 2 250 kg, payload - 1378 kg; ground clearance - 31 cm, turning radius - 6.1 m.

Tires: 6.00-16.1 3.6 R 28.

Features: without a cabin.

Additional equipment: power steering; mechanical adjustment; sprung seat.


Massey Ferguson MF 3615 A

4 wheel drive tractor

Engine: turbo, 43 kW (58 hp)  2150 rpm, 3 cylinders, displacement 3,300 cc, water cooled.

Gearbox: 24 forward gears and 24 reverse gears (optional 24/24 LS, 24/24 PowerShuttle) at 40 km / h, synchronized.

Power take-off shaft: 540/540 E.

Hydraulics: lifting force of the hitch - 2500 da.N, pump capacity - 44 l / min at 180 bar, category - II.

Weight and dimensions: gross standard weight - 5100 kg, unladen weight - 3 200 kg, payload - 1900 kg; ground clearance - 39 cm, turning radius - 8.1 m.

Tires: 11.2 R 24.1 6.9 R 30.

Features: the platform is subject to delivery.

Additional equipment: cabin; air conditioning and 2-speed gearbox; can be switched under load.

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