YTO Tractor PDF Manuals

YTO A, B, J & M Series Engine Operating & Maintenance Manual
YTO A, B, J & M Series Engine Operating & Maintenance Manual
YTO A, B, J & M Series Engine Operating
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YTO 80hp 100hp Tractor Engine Parts Book
YTO 80hp 100hp Tractor Engine Parts Book
YTO 80hp 100hp Tractor Engine Parts Book
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YTO 500 504 550 554 Tractors Parts Catalogue
YTO 500 504 550 554 Tractors Parts Catalogue
YTO 500 504 550 554 Tractors Parts Catal
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History of YTO Tractors

YTO Group Corporation is one of the largest mechanical engineering corporations in China. Its history dates back to 1955. It was she who produced the first tractor and road roller in China. Over time, the company established cooperation with leading equipment suppliers from different countries (Bomag, Fiat).

Production is constantly being improved to meet all modern consumer requirements. Eleven laboratories are working to improve the quality and productivity of equipment. The equipment boasts reliability, long service life, and ease of use. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production. A special approach to economic planning allows you to reduce production costs to a minimum and, accordingly, make the final cost of products more affordable.

 Now a wide range of the company is represented by a variety of equipment for agriculture, utilities, construction:





concrete pumps and mixers,


buses and more.

 Also, the production of diesel engines and other spare parts for special equipment has been established. All products are made in accordance with international standards and are exported to over a hundred countries. Branches operate in Europe, America, Asia.

YTO EX 854 tractor: technical characteristics of this tractor, details on use and reviews

YTO tractors are well known around the world for meeting many international standards. For example, the engine for the YTO EX 854 tractor is developed on the basis of the British Perkins license. Model YTO EX 854 is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine, which is produced in accordance with European environmental standards. The engine is equipped with a system of forced water cooling, in case of intensive work in the hot season, and preheating, which is necessary in the cold. The power of this machine is 85 horsepower and the traction force is 26.4 kN. The air is cleaned by a special external filter, which is equipped with an oil bath. It is an important advantage if you choose to buy a YTO EX 854 tractor which can be bought in our online store.


The manual transmission provides a wide range of speeds: 12 forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. This transmission allows you to choose the optimal speed for a variety of your tasks, from 1.5 km per hour to 29 km.


The hydraulic system is an important advantage of this model: 3 pairs of hydraulic outputs allow to aggregate to a tractor several types of the hinged equipment at the same time. The total lifting force of the attachment is 2650 kg.


Mechanical locking of the rear differential helps to prevent slipping on narrow ground and, thus, to ensure themselves during active work. In addition, good traction guarantees a tread pattern on the tires. You should also pay attention to the wheels: the size of the front 11.2 by 28 inches, and rear 16.9 by 34 inches. Massive wheels provide a high ground clearance, 430 mm. Such clearance allows to work on the most various sites, without being afraid to damage plantings.

The adjustable track is ideal for working on the ground with different rows. The width can be adjusted in the range from 1500 to 2100 mm.

And, of course, we must not forget about the first-class airtight cabin, which opens a 360-degree view. It has filters that purify the air. In addition, there is heating and air conditioning.

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