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Everun Wheel Loader Catalogue
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Everun ET Wheel Loader Spare Parts Catalogue
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Features of Everun ER2500 Loader

The EVERUN telehandler factory is located in China, but it manufactures products exclusively for the European market. Telescopic loaders EVERUN ER2500  successfully operate in Poland, Germany, Sweden and Finland

Due to its versatility, the telescopic loader is able to perform a wide range of tasks in agriculture, construction, and the municipal sector. Articulated telehandlers are designed for work at high heights.

With a more thoughtful and powerful design, EVERUN ER2500 telehandlers have more power and operational endurance. All models are equipped as standard with a quick-release mechanism, which allows you to reduce the time of changing attachments to a minimum. And a wide range of additional attachments, including hydromechanical ones, allows you to solve a wide variety of tasks.

A feature of the Chinese telehandler EVERUN is that the boom is located in the center.

This allows you to see the working nozzle both on the left side and on the right. The wide view cab and center boom position gives the operator improved visibility and reduced cycle times.


The EVERUN ER2500 loader (telescope) has all-wheel drive and an articulated frame, which allows you to work with the heaviest loads on various surfaces without loss of power. The articulated frame allows you to rotate the working nozzle during loading, which makes it possible to move the load to the right or left without moving, which also reduces the cycle time and saves resources. An articulated telescopic handler can drive near an obstacle and then turn without fear of hitting it, as the rear axle follows the front track exactly.

EVERUN ER2500 telehandlers have a lifting height of more than 4.5m, which, in comparison with conventional front loaders, allows you to increase the lifting height and working range. Two hydraulic cylinders provide optimal load distribution on the boom. When loading the bucket, all the power of the machine, thanks to the telescopic boom, is directed to the bucket.



Model: ER2500 (telescope)

Load capacity, kg: 2 500

Bucket volume, m3: 1.2

Unloading height at an angle of 45 degrees, mm: 4 500

Engine power, hp: 75

Own weight, kg: 5,500.

Standard equipment of wheel telescopic loader EVERUN ER2500:

quick release mechanism

air conditioner,

wide cab,

joystick control,

engine start system in winter,

additional hydraulic lines

improved lubrication system,

Rear View Camera,

operator display, LED lighting.

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