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History of Terex Tractors

Terex is a whole corporation for the production of various special-purpose equipment and other industrial equipment. With a wide range of products, you can choose a machine for a variety of activities.

 The Terex tractor has the following key features:

Versatility. The use of numerous sheds allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the unit;

A motor with sufficient power;

Excellent performance

The ability to carry out repair work quickly and without any problems;

Good maneuverability.

The manufacturer offers a huge range of equipment, different in parameters and features.


Tractor Terex 820

The Terex 820 backhoe loader is a new generation technique, therefore it is distinguished by its reliability and performance. This model is one of the leaders in its class. The release of the tractor is dated 2007-2010.

 Technical specifications:

Engine 1104C-44T with a power of 68.6 kW;

Engine volume - 4.4 liters;

Fuel tank capacity - 130 liters;

PTO - 1400/2200 rpm;

Gearbox - 4 forward and 4 back;

Maximum speed - 40 kilometers / hour;

Turning radius - 385 centimeters;

Wheelbase - 213 centimeters;

Clearance - 39 centimeters;

Digging depth - 156 mm;

Carrying capacity - 3449 kilograms;

Unit weight - 7150 kilograms.


Tractor Тerex 860

This model is the most popular in the modern agricultural machinery market. A universal tractor combined the capabilities of a loader and an excavator (rear suspension with a shovel bucket). With the help of the unit, simple construction, loading and unloading and agricultural work is carried out.

 Tractor advantages:

Front-end bucket with a sufficient level of unloading allows you to transfer materials to vehicles with high sides;

Double-jaw bucket with stabilizing system;

Multi-disc brakes on all wheels;

The small turning radius allows the machine to be operated in small confined areas;

The toxicity level of the motor is normal.


The Terex 860 tractor has the following technical parameters:

Perkins 1104D-44T motor with a capacity of 100 hp. with.;

Engine displacement - 4.4 liters;

PTO - 2200 rpm;

Digging depth - 4438 mm;

Working height - 5692 mm;

Unloading height - 3904 mm;

Maximum speed - 41.5 kilometers / hour;

Unit weight - 8067 kilograms.

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