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History of SDLG Tractors

The Chinese company SDLG has been known in the special equipment market for a long time. All its products are aimed at selling in European countries, so the quality of the machines and their technical level are at the appropriate height. The designers of the company in the creation of their machines went through the maximum use of the main components and assemblies, only manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers and have proven themselves to be used on machines of other brands.

The front loader LG 936 is a new structurally new machine from SDLG, which takes into account the new requirements for machines of this class. The machine is equipped with well-proven DEUTZ or Cummins engines, coupled with a reliable ZF transmission and hydraulic system manufactured by Kawasaki. This combination guarantees the machine exceptional technical performance, corresponding to its intended use.


The articulated frame, which is used on almost all designs of middle-class wheel loaders, has proven itself as the optimal technical solution to ensure the minimum turning radius of the machine. At the same time, the reinforced frame optimally distributes the load on the axles from the working bodies and the power drive.

The Z-shape of the equipment, traditional on the models of the company, ensures maximum breakout force on the bucket. The cab is characterized by increased visibility of the working area, safety and comfort. A special suspension, combined with insulating inserts, protects the operator from noise and vibration. Front-end loader SDLG LG936 is a specialized technique equipped with a heavy main working tool - a universal bucket.

The main working function of SDLG LG936 is the loading, unloading and transportation of various building materials of raw materials with a certain degree of flowability over short distances. Such machines can also work with crushed rock of rather coarse fractions. For work with bulky light loads, such as peat or sawdust, buckets of increased volume are installed on some modifications. As a rule, they are not equipped with teeth and cutting edges.


The LG936L SDLG loader is a self-propelled machine capable of independently moving around the entire construction site of any relief and type of soil surface, along city streets and highways, like an ordinary tractor or car. This makes it possible to move it to distant objects without attracting additional means of transportation and use the loader at any planned point.

The front loader SDLG 936 belongs to the intermittent technology. SDLG LG936 performs gripping, feeding and transporting in turn, spending a certain amount of time on each action, which determines the duration of the working cycle.

The hydraulics are equipped with one or two hydraulic cylinders. All front loader equipment is controlled by means of a distribution adapter, which is installed directly on the boom and provides the necessary operation of all overhead equipment. The operator works using joysticks located conveniently for the driver, taking into account the latest achievements in ergonomics.

Direct fuel injection and a turbine ensure efficient operation of the loader under any load, especially in difficult terrain, where high dynamics and short periods of work at maximum power are required. Front loader LV 936 differs from previous models in more economical fuel consumption.

The service brakes are disc brakes with a single-circuit pneumatic hydraulic drive. For machines of this class, they are reliable and safe. The hydraulic system is equipped with one pump, which is more economical to operate. The high mechanical strength hydraulic hoses are well placed, and the hydraulic components are well sealed and do not need to be checked too often. The LG936L Chinese front loader with jaw bucket is equipped with a high-quality efficient transmission with the ability to shift speeds under load. The hydromechanical transmission ensures a smooth ride and optimal power transfer from the motor to the drive wheels. Changing the direction of movement to the opposite occurs without jerks and blows - the inertia of a rather massive machine is practically not felt.


The filling tanks are located very well and thoughtfully, as well as the service areas. This makes the daily and periodic maintenance of the machine easy and not too time consuming.

In addition to the standard universal bucket LG936, the front-end single-bucket loader can be equipped with interchangeable equipment:

Buckets with a capacity of 1.5 m³ to 2.5 m³;

Jaw grips;

Forks of various standards.

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