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Magom LIEBHERR 574 Manual
Magom LIEBHERR 574 Manual
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History of Liebherr 

LIEBHERR is a German mechanical engineering company headquartered in Bieberach an der Ries, Baden-Württemberg. The company was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr.

Now Liebherr produces tower, truck and crawler cranes. One can only envy such a range of products. Liebherr produces seven tower crane series alone - HC, LC, LD, EL, EC-H, EC-H Litronic and EC-HM FR Litronic. In addition, the Germans produce mobile cranes and compact erection cranes controlled from a remote control on the ground.


Liebherr tower cranes have been developed using a modular concept. This allows you to change the capabilities of the model, reconfigure it for a specific task. If necessary, cranes can be mounted on a swivel or non-swivel base, on a wheeled or tracked chassis, and can also move along rails. Liebherr also produces tower cranes on a truck chassis and on a trailer chassis. This design, which is extremely rarely used in practice, is unusual in itself. The tower cranes on trailer chassis, the Liebherr 13 HM crane and the Liebherr 20 HM tower crane, have a lifting capacity of 1.2 and 2 tons, respectively. And Liebherr MK-80 and MK-100 cranes on a truck chassis are designed specifically for operation in urban environments and can lift loads weighing up to 8 tons. The height of the Liebherr MK-80 crane is 48 meters, the maximum reach of the boom is 42 meters. An experienced specialist will be able to mount it alone in 40 minutes.

The smallest German tower crane, the Liebherr 30 LC, lifts a ton at a maximum reach of 30 meters. With a shorter outreach, from 2.7 to 13.6 meters, it delivers loads weighing up to 2.5 tons to the desired point. The highest lifting height that the “baby” tower is capable of is 31 meters, and the maximum lifting (or lowering) speed of the load is 40 meters per minute. This compact model is convenient for work in cramped conditions, and small basic parameters favorably affect the cost of purchase or rental.

Liebherr tower cranes can even be used in seismically active areas. Special foundation anchors developed by a German company provide the necessary stability of the crane on the surface.

Another advantage of Liebherr tower cranes is the simplified assembly and disassembly system. The ease of these operations is a huge advantage in conditions where it is impossible to convene a team of 10 people to install a tower crane. The German company also produces special equipment for mounting and dismantling tower cranes at high altitudes - for example, in the construction of television towers.

Liebherr lifting equipment is well-deservedly popular in Europe, Africa, and South America. At the construction of the Costanera Center in the capital of Chile, cranes of the EC-B, EC-H and HC-L series with an outreach of up to 60 m are working. A Liebherr 355 HC-L crane with a height of 308 meters is also involved. European builders consider low power consumption to be a huge plus of German technology. The starting current power for many Liebherr tower cranes ranges from 16 to 30 kilowatts, which is of great importance in economical Europe.

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