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KATO HD1023 Excavator Operator's Manual
KATO HD1023 Excavator Operator's Manual
KATO HD1023 Excavator Operator's Manual
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History of KATO Works

Kato Works is one of the world's leading manufacturers of construction and special equipment. The Kato brand is well known both at home in Japan and around the world. The history of Kato has been going on for more than a century, although the Japanese company received its current name in 1935. The Kato brand is known for its mobile cranes, construction and industrial machines.

Kato manufactures its products at two factories located in Japan: the Ibaraki plant and the Gunma plant. The first of these factories specializes in the production of crane technology, covers an area of 131,000 m2, and at the same time is the largest production facility of this kind in the world. Gunma plant, opened in 1980, is an even larger plant that assembles excavators and other Kato equipment.


Kato Works pays special attention to the quality of its equipment, therefore great importance is attached to the work and development of research structures and quality control units. Due to the large-scale automation of production, only 500 workers are employed at the company's factories.

Kato products include the following product groups: hydraulic mobile cranes of various categories, hydraulic manipulators for trucks, excavators, drilling machines, municipal equipment.

Kato Works is best known for its crane technology. At the beginning of the range of this type of machines are crane installations designed for mounting on trucks. These are quite popular mechanisms in Japan and other countries of the world - a significant part of the flatbed trucks are equipped with them. The range of Kato includes hydraulic manipulators with a maximum load capacity of 500 to 3000 kg and boom lengths of 4 to 18 m, designed for all classes of trucks.

More serious equipment - truck cranes have a lifting capacity of 5 to 500 tons. Truck carriers of such cranes can be various models of Japanese automakers. The range of modifications of wheeled hydraulic cranes is very wide.

In addition to heavy-duty wheeled cranes, Kato offers two compact crawler hydraulic cranes of the CR series with a maximum lifting capacity of 5 and 8 tons.

It is already noticeable that Kato specializes in the most demanded types of machines. So, hydraulic excavators are no exception. There are about 40 modifications of such earth-moving machines in the production program of Kato. Excavators of the Japanese company can have buckets with a volume

In addition to these types of products, which are the main and best known, Kato also produces other products, such as vacuum equipment, snow removal and other utility equipment for special vehicles. All Kato appliances meet the most stringent safety and environmental standards.

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