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Hanix Excavator Service Manual
Hanix Excavator Service Manual
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History of Hanix Excavators

In 1965, the Handozer Group was founded in the Japanese city of Nagano, which consisted of three divisions. Handozer Industry was engaged in the production of small-sized construction machines, Nissan Kizai Co Ltd - sales of products, and Lease Service Ltd - provided service support and equipment rental. This separation of powers still exists today. The first product of the Handozer Group was a manual digger - dozer, which is why the concern was called Handozer. In 1971, Handozer produced the world's first rotating hydraulic mini-excavator, and in 1983, the company's engineers invented a rotating mini-excavator with a minimum rotation radius. In 1984, Nissan Kizai began selling its products in the US. In 1987, the company's mini excavators were awarded the excellent quality medal.


In 1992 Nissan Kizai became Hanix, taking the first 2 letters from Handozer and the first 2 letters from Nissan. An "x" was added at the end, as a symbol of the infinity of the company's development. Hanix is a name known in Europe. In the mid-90s, the need for maneuverable equipment in Europe increased, and Hanix mini excavators began to be sold here in excess of 1000 units annually. In 1998, the year of the Winter Olympics, the company's specialists developed a platform on which the Olympic flame was delivered to Nagano. In 2000, Hanix model H75B mini excavators with a lifting capacity of 7.5 tons were put into production, and in 2004, industrial production of the H36R model with a rotary bucket began. In 2005, Hanix 180 degree mini excavators received the award for the best design among models of this type. In 2008, Hanix launched the first model of the D series mini excavators, the H55DR. This is the latest generation of mini excavators that can work without an operator in places of radiation contamination, explosions, etc.


Specification: production of mini excavators and components.

Hanix currently manufactures 11 crawler excavator models with operating weights ranging from 0.76 to 8.04 tons. The Hanix H08B mini excavator is the most compact in this model range, its overall dimensions are 2913/700-900/2052 mm, and its weight is only 760 kg. This model can be used in the most inaccessible places where other equipment will not pass - in basements, narrow openings, on floors inside buildings, etc. Hanix H08B is equipped with a Kubota D722 (7.4 kW) engine, a 0.022 m3 bucket and additional hydraulics.

The Hanix H15B mini excavator is designed for construction and earthmoving works of small volumes. It is used for laying fiber-optic cable, gas networks, archaeological excavations, etc. Model weight 1.6 t, operating power 12.5 kW, bucket volume 0.05 m3, max. digging depth 2150 mm, digging height 3380 mm, travel speed 3.9 km/h.

The Hanix H15B PLUS mini excavator differs from the previous model in its large weight - 1.7 tons and maximum digging depth - 2350 mm. All other characteristics are similar to H15B.

The Hanix H22C mini excavator is equipped with a Mitsubishi L3E engine (12.5 kW), a 0.06 m3 bucket and additional hydraulics on the boom. Model operating weight 2250 kg, max. digging depth 2665 mm, max. digging height 3945 mm. The H22C excavator is used for landscaping yards and surrounding areas, laying paving slabs and other types of work.

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