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Hattat T4000 series Tractors Specs
Hattat T4000 series Tractors Specs
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Hattat A90 A100 A110 Tractors Specs
Hattat A90 A100 A110 Tractors Specs
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History of Hattat Tractors

Hattat brand tractors are manufactured by Hema Endustri A.S. - one of the leading machine-building corporations in Turkey. Hema Endustri A.S. is a manufacturer of transmission parts: axles, gearboxes, elements and components of hydraulic systems of such brands as: John Deere, Valtra, Daimler Mercedes, Agco, Ford Truks, Volvo CE, Renault Truck Defense, Claas and many others. Suffice it to say that Hema Endustri A.S. manufactures English Perkins engine blocks and, in particular, steering parts for Lamborghini cars.

In 2007, the plant began producing tractors under its own brand Hattat, and in the same year, the manufacture of tractors by the Finnish company Valtra. In 2010, the Hattat T4000 series tractor won the "Tractor of the Year" competition in Poland. The Hattat plant now continues to implement new innovative projects.

Currently, the Hattat plant occupies a leading position in Turkey in terms of production, producing more than 30 wheel models with a capacity from 50 to 113 horsepower. At the same time, Hattat tractors are exported to more than 80 countries of the world to the markets of Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America, Australia, where they enjoy well-deserved popularity.

The technical advantages of Hattat tractors, thanks to their reliable "heart" - the Perkins engine, high-quality, world-famous transmission and hydraulics of our own production, a spacious I-class cab with all-round visibility, a powerful hitch, will certainly win your sympathy. And in combination with a high level of warranty and service from the official authorized dealer in Ukraine - AgrioNAT (a subsidiary of the well-known company "Avtodvor", Kharkov) will provide you with a faithful assistant for many years.

The Hattat A110 wheeled tractor is distinguished by its juicy design, high maneuverability and productivity. The use of European components puts this tractor on a par with well-known European and American brands.



The Hattat A110 tractor is equipped with a Perkins 1104D-44T 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine (110 hp) with a displacement of 4.4 liters (piston diameter - 105 mm, piston stroke - 127 mm). This engine, being one of the most modern engines, due to the increased piston stroke with the same diameter, has a high torque already at 1400 rpm with a torque reserve of up to 16%. The engines are manufactured at the PERKINS factory in Peterborough/England. Perkins 4-cylinder engines are highly economical due to efficient fuel consumption, and in combination with a 115 l tank will ensure long-term operation of the tractor. In addition, Perkins engines have rightfully earned a reputation as the “quietest” diesel engines in the world.

The power supply system is classic with a reliable fuel pump and hydroceramic injectors. An electric fuel priming pump is used for stability of engine performance in all modes and easy start-up.

The engine has low noise and oil consumption. To ensure a reliable and easy start of the engine, pin glow plugs are installed with an automatic start-up mode in cold weather, while the indicator light lights up.

High-quality air, oil and fuel filtration ensures reliable and durable engine operation. This is how a dry-type air filter is used with the main and safety filtration elements, in front of which an inertial pre-cleaner is installed with dust ejection through a valve.

The engine is equipped with a reliable double-type LUK clutch. Separate disks are used for the power clutch and the PTO (power take-off shaft), both clutches operate mechanically, independently of each other. In this case, the power (motor) clutch is controlled by a pedal, and the GDP clutch is controlled by a lever from the cab. For safety reasons, the engine will only start when the clutch is fully depressed, even if the gearshift lever is in neutral.



The transmission is optimized for 110 hp engine power. In this case, the gearbox (gearbox) and the rear axle housing are separate units connected by bolts. This improves the maintainability of the respective nodes. The gearbox oil bath is isolated from the hydraulic system bath, guarantees high-quality lubrication of the transmission elements, since deterioration of the transmission oil quality is excluded when the tractor hydraulic system is connected to the systems of agricultural implements or machines.

The fully synchronized gearbox allows easy gear shifting, thereby increasing tractor productivity and reducing operator fatigue, while the helical gear design ensures quiet operation and extended parts life. The gearbox has 4 synchronized gears and 3 ranges (LL - slow, M - low range, H - high range) which are also unsynchronised. A wide choice of speeds with a rational number and reverse gears (12 forward + 12 reverse) ensures optimal engine loading and the versatility of using the tractor, both in the field and in transport. 

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