DW Tractor Manual PDF

DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manual
DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manual
DW 240B - 244B Tractors Operator's Manua
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History of DW minitractors

DW minitractors are an excellent value for money in the middle price segment of Chinese tractors. DW tractors significantly outperform the technical characteristics of Shifeng and Xingtai tractors, but ergonomics do not yet catch up with Dongfeng or DT minitractors.

Tractor DW is a classic minitractor, which according to the generally accepted classification belongs to tractors 0.6 - 0.8 class.

Advantages under the hood:

- Engine power reserve due to increased engine capacity up to 1,909 cm3;

- Installed fuel filter with electronic sensor for water availability control;

- Large fuel tank of 30 liters;

- Air filter with high air intake type "cyclone";

- Expansion tank of the cooling system;

- Voltage switch (mass) of a new sample;

- 750 W generator;

- Full muffler protection.


Advantages of transmission:

- Ability to choose the optimal speed thanks to 9 gears;

- Check point (3 + 3) x3, permissible transmission power up to 40 hp;

- Front axle of pumping type and high agrotechnical clearance;

- Premium wide tires on both axles: 6.50-16 / 11.20-24;

- Wide wings made of quality metal;

- Separate hydrogenated gearboxes and hydraulics + 2 independent hydraulic pumps for COD and three-point hitch;


Advantages in ergonomics and comfort:

- Flat floor + thoughtful placement of all levers and switches;

- Steering angle adjustment;

- Digital panel of devices of automobile type;

- Rubber mats + rubber pedal pads;

- Strong footrests on both sides of the tractor;

- Electrical outlet at 12 volts, cigarette lighter;

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