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  LISHIDE is a major Chinese construction equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of forklifts. The company was founded in 1992 and today is one of the most influential players in the global market for special equipment. The company supplies its products to more than 100 countries, including Russia, China, the USA and others.

LISHIDE has over 20 years of experience in forklift manufacturing. During this time, the company has gained a high reputation in the world market due to its high performance, quality and reliability. The company uses advanced technologies and innovations in the production of its equipment, which allows it to maintain a leading position in the market and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

One of the features of LISHIDE loaders is their high performance. The company's machines are equipped with advanced control systems that ensure maximum work efficiency. In addition, LISHIDE loaders have high carrying capacity, which allows them to be used to work with heavy and oversized cargo.

One of the main values of LISHIDE is the quality and reliability of its products. The company adheres to strict quality standards in the production of loaders and exercises quality control at all stages of production. This ensures high reliability and durability of LISHIDE machines and reduces machine downtime during operation.

LISHIDE is also actively engaged in the research and development of new technologies in the forklift industry. The company invests heavily in the development and implementation of new advanced technologies, which allows it to develop innovative products that meet the highest requirements of customers.

The company uses advanced environmental technologies in the production of its forklifts to minimize the negative impact on the environment. In addition, many models of LISHIDE forklifts have energy-efficient features that reduce fuel costs and reduce emissions.

LISHIDE offers a wide range of loaders of various models and capacities. Each model is made taking into account the specific requirements of the client, which allows us to meet the needs of customers as much as possible. The LISHIDE product line includes both petrol and diesel forklifts as well as electric forklifts.

LISHIDE also provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for its loaders. The company has a network of service centers where trained and experienced specialists carry out professional repairs and maintenance of equipment. In addition, LISHIDE provides its customers with 24/7 technical support to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

LISHIDE also actively cooperates with other manufacturers and distributors of special equipment around the world. This allows it to strengthen its position in the global market and expand its business. In addition, LISHIDE participates in various exhibitions and events to present its products and receive feedback from customers.

Today LISHIDE is one of the largest loader manufacturers in the world. Due to its high performance, quality and reliability of its equipment, the company is very popular among customers around the world.

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