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History of McCormick Tractors

McCormick Tractors was founded by Cyrus McCormick. Initially, the company produced mechanical reapers. Much later, in 1901, began production of tractors under the brand McCormick Tractors. In 1931, the tractor plant was renamed International Harvester. It was then that with the renaming of the manufacturer to International Harvester Tractors began to be produced not in gray but in red. World War II stopped the production of tractors, because then the plant produced equipment and weapons for the army. The name International Harvesting was acquired by JI Case Corporation. The company itself was acquired by the Italian manufacturer Agro. Today Agro is the parent company. Today, tractors are produced under the McCormick brand and all spare parts go to them.



Usually the Power unit with turbocharging and the intercooler of development of "Fiat" is established, such complete set allows to use the energy of the fulfilled gases as much as possible. The engine of the McCormick tractor is completed with effective system of cooling, prestarting winter heating. The classic fuel supply system developed by Bosch is installed. You can fill any fuel in the tank. Integrated cyclone air filtration system.

The operation of the engine in pair with the Dual power transmission allows you to effectively use the equipment for construction work. Because this equipment allows the transmission to work simultaneously front and rear units.


Chassis and brake system

All axles are reinforced, classic, so they can withstand high loads on the front and rear axles. To perform a set of inter-row work, the tractor tracks are adjustable.

Disc brakes are installed in the oil bath on the front and rear wheels of the Italian tractor.


Hydraulic system

The standard double-circuit hydraulic system which allows to connect forward and back hinged equipment is established. Thus, the McCormick tractor can be aggregated with all agricultural, municipal, construction units. The equipment is also suitable for work in animal husbandry, forestry, horticulture. Hydraulic outlets are located in front and behind. At the rear is a classic two-speed shaft of 540/1000 rpm for connecting active attachments and trailers.


Cab and controls

Models of Italian production McCormick inside the cabin are equipped with all kinds of comfort for ease of operation. Installed air conditioning equipment: air conditioning, heater, fan. There is also a cabin air purification system, stereo system. There is a hatch, windows that open, a portable refrigerator. Socket 12v.


All control components of the model are conveniently located.

In order for the operator to be able to perform tasks with the front and rear equipment, to optimally adjust the stroke, the Dual power Transmission is installed on the tractor. This 4-speed, continuously variable transmission made in Germany by ZF is paired with a multi-disc clutch in an oil bath.

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