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Dressta 534e Operator Manual
Dressta 534e Operator Manual
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History of Dressta Tractors

Today, the products of the Dressta company are in demand all over the world, they are considered one of the largest in terms of production and quality of equipment for the construction industry. Few people know that the company began its activity back in 1937. It was then that the first metallurgical plant was opened. The country was on the brink of war, so there was a need for high-quality military equipment. The plant was engaged in the production of various equipment for military operations in the post-war period.

A new round in development began at the end of the 60s. The Polish company decided to conclude agreements with the receipt of a license with well-known American firms. This step made it possible to expand production and start producing new equipment.

Another highlight was the emergence of a new partner in the early 80s. Cooperation with Komatsu America International Company influenced the emergence of new models of bulldozers and other equipment, because then much attention was paid to researching the needs of users of construction equipment.

Today the Dressta company is engaged in the production of equipment in five main areas. One of the key areas is the production of a huge line of bulldozers. In addition, the company manufactures high-quality compactors, track drives, wheel loaders. They are in great demand all over the world. The company also manufactures spare parts for its equipment.

Today, many dealerships have been opened on six continents, in 61 countries of the world.

After the company was bought out by another company, LiuGong Machinery, the production continued to develop. Dressta's main policy is to create quality technology, and they really succeed. Dressta products are often awarded at trade shows and are chosen for their reliability, performance and functionality.

Dressta front-end loaders are the most reliable, modern and high-performance machines and are designed to perform a wide range of both earthmoving work and the loading and processing of various materials: various types of soil and rocks, forests, coal, sand, crushed stone, metal shavings, wood chips ‚Stones, etc.‚ as well as agricultural products. In addition, the L-34 or Dressta front-end loader can independently process soils (dump earth embankments, shafts), work in a bulldozer mode: lay out sites and extract shallow pits. A Dressta or L-34 front loader can not only transport loads in a bucket or in grapples, but also tow trailers or any other towed equipment over short distances. Front-end loaders L-34 and Dressta, possessing much greater maneuverability and, at the same time, smaller dimensions and weight than excavators, can lift a much larger mass of cargo.

The power transmission system of the Dressta front loader includes: a modern diesel engine, a torque converter, a gearbox, front and rear drive axles and articulated cardan shafts. These components provide the greatest possible reliability and durability of the power transmission system and guarantee high machine performance at low costs.


The powerful CUMMINS diesel engine is a turbocharged Dresta in-line loader that generates high torque combined with high power for tough working conditions. The engine is as efficient as possible at low cost and meets modern emission standards.

At the present time, it is already customary to use the domestic YMZ-238 engine on the L-34 front-end loaders. Low cost, high performance, reliability and availability of repair are decisive factors in favor of this engine. The technology for installing units and engine mountings was developed at our enterprise in the early 80s and is used everywhere to this day. Re-equipment of the loader with the installation of the YaMZ-238 engine is one of the directions of organizations involved in the overhaul of front-end loaders. But recently, such organizations are no longer so willing to take on this process, unless the matter concerns the overhaul of the forklift. Previously, we had field teams to support the replacement of the CUMMINS engine with the YaMZ 238. Now I can only offer a replacement guide and my support in this matter. But, as a rule, the manual is sufficient for a complete solution of the issue of replacing the engine without the participation of repair organizations.

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