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History of Shifeng Tractors

The legendary Chinese factory Shifeng Group Co. LTD has been manufacturing a variety of agricultural machinery and small trucks since 1993. Throughout its history, Shifeng has created and produced a huge amount of equipment that has become quite popular all over the world: mini tractors, small trucks, and also combines. Every year, the company's factories produce more than 300,000 units of equipment.

Agricultural machinery from a well-known world manufacturer - Shifeng has gained immense popularity in Ukraine due to two inexpensive models of mini tractors with a belt drive and single-cylinder engines of the KM138-2 brand. Namely Shifeng SF-240 and SF-244.


Advantages of Shifeng Tractors

Reliable single-cylinder engine with a power of 24 horsepower with forced water cooling (water pump installed). A simple and high-quality transmission that, even without a differential lock, can cope with almost any task on the field, garden, and also the local area.

Expressive recognizable and modern design, which has not changed for more than 10 years and is always relevant.

Rich equipment. The standard package of mini tractors includes: a spare parts kit (gasket for the cylinder head, a set of piston rings, a key for removing the flywheel, a set of screwdrivers and open-end wrenches), an instruction manual in Ukrainian, a warranty card for a period of 12 months, documents for setting up the tractor for registration, a socket for connecting a trailer, as well as a three-point hinged mechanism.

Shifeng Agricultural Machinery Application Scope

Farms and gardens. Quite often in Ukraine they buy Shifeng mini tractors, the price of which is not high for gardening and farming. They can carry out pet food tasks, for these tasks you will need: a rotary or segment mower, a baler, a trailer for transporting haystacks, and a tedder rake. An important factor is that with the help of this Chinese technology, you can easily prepare firewood for the winter period.

Agriculture. The main purpose of Shifeng mini tractors is soil preparation for planting root crops, processing and cultivation, as well as harvesting. To do this, in addition to the tractor, it is necessary to have a certain set of additional attachments: a rototiller, a harrow, a cultivator, a potato planter, a potato digger, a sprayer, a plow, a mulcher, a garlic planter, a garlic digger, vegetable or grain seeders, and so on.

Utility services. In public utilities, the Shifeng minitractor is not used so often, usually these are three-cylinder all-wheel drive models with a heated cab. Often they carry out a series of complex work on cleaning snow, debris and dirt. To do this, you may need: an auger snow blower, a shovel blade, a salt or sand spreader, a sweeper with a hopper for collecting debris and, if necessary, anti-skid chains.

Construction sites. On construction sites, Shifeng equipment is mostly used for transporting goods on a trailer with a total weight of up to five tons.

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