KRONE Tractor Manuals

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History of Krone Tractors

The German concern is a leading European manufacturer of semitrailers, trailers and other equipment for agriculture. The head office is located in Werlte, but in addition the company has 26 representative offices in Germany and 35 branches in Asia and Europe. The Krone spare parts catalog includes a large list of parts for equipment and special equipment.


During its existence, the concern has been repeatedly awarded by the German Agricultural Society DLG for innovative achievements. Considering that Krone does not overcharge, there is a demand for its products in many large cities around the world.

The company guarantees the following benefits to buyers:

High performance and cost-effectiveness;

excellent technical and functional characteristics;

compliance of products with established European standards;

saving physical labor costs;

reduction of the working staff due to the automation of the work process;

well-organized warranty service.


- The world's first fully automated, continuous combination round baler with wrapper.

- Press, wrap and unload while driving!

- Up to 50% more bales per hour!

- Highest bale density thanks to the pre-chamber.

- Maximum comfort, fully automated workflows

- Uninterrupted crop flow and dense bales thanks to the Tractor Implementation Automation (TIM): the baler controls the speed of the tractor.

- Independent oil supply system onboard hydraulics.

- Variable roll diameter: 1.25m - 1.50m.

- Universal application for harvesting silage, hay and straw.

- Hydraulic drawbar for increased ground clearance.


The Ultima® is the first combination baler in the world to go further and pick up the crop during netting and bale transfer. The pre-press chamber ensures a non-stop rhythm of work. The net-wrapped bales are either pushed towards unloading or wrapped in foil and then unloaded on the move. Ultima® productivity has increased by up to 50% over other renowned wrapper round balers. The semi-variable bale chamber allows you to create rolls with a diameter of 1.25 to 1.50 m.

 Semi-variable bale chamber: By moving the locking pin on the telescopic arms, the travel of the tensioning arm is limited, changing the bale diameter from 1.25 to 1.50m in 5cm increments.

 Initial phase: The selected forage crop is transferred from the pick-up to the empty pre-baling chamber by conveyor belts conically arranged in relation to each other. Layer by layer, the NovoGrip system in the semi-variable bale chamber forms the crop into dense bales. If necessary, the double wrapper wraps the bale with foil.

 Build-up phase: The start of the build-up phase in the pre-bale chamber begins with the end of the compaction phase in the bale chamber. To reliably start the wrapping device, the tapered conveyor belts move in the opposite direction for a certain distance and advance the crop in the direction of the cutting rotor. The rotor continues to compress the selected mass. Finished bales wrapped in foil are rolled off the wrapping table.

 Wrapping device: During the operation of the wrapping device, the crop is compacted and pressed by the cutting rotor towards the bale chamber. Depending on the type of forage crop, the lower conveyor belt is lowered, thereby increasing the volume of the pre-compression chamber.

 Bale transfer: After the net wrapping is complete, the finished bale is transferred to the wrapping table. Foil wrapping begins. The crop received at the time of bale transfer is pressed by the cutting rotor towards the bale chamber. Depending on the settings, the conveyor belts support the pre-pressing process.

 Emptying the pre-chamber: The pre-chamber is emptied with a closed bale chamber. The starter roller between the pre-bale chamber and the bale chamber is lowered and opens the way for the pre-compressed crop. Conveyor belts feed the crop to the bale chamber. The conveyor rods rotate the crop.


New bale emergence: As soon as the pre-compacted crop has been transferred to the bale chamber, the lower conveyor belt and starter roller are retracted upwards. The crop continues to be fed by the baler and moves through the pre-baling chamber into the bale chamber. A new bale is formed in the bale chamber. On the wrapping table, the bale is quickly wrapped to the end.


Requirements for a trailed disc mower differ by country, region and mode of operation. Due to the diversity of the program, you can select the suitable accessories for your application. These include, for example, a V-shaped steel beater with a wide swath deflector, a CRi roller conditioner, a cross conveyor belt and hydraulically adjustable windrow deflectors.


New protection of mower discs against foreign objects for trailed EasyCut mowers with and without CV conditioner - unique safety and functionality. Everyone knows this: Collisions with rocks can cause damage and costly repairs. Together with SafeCut, KRONE offers maximum safety. Instead of directing the impact entirely to the cylindrical gears of the cutter bar, a hollow retaining pin in the serrated drive shaft breaks in the event of a short overload. The saw shaft, which continues to run, rotates the mower disc around its thread. Due to the changed position, the mower disc moves out of the danger zone and is above the path of the adjacent discs. SafeCut prevents possible damage to other mower discs.

 The system triggered: If the clamping pin breaks, the blade disc rotates along the thread of the threaded shaft approximately 15 mm upward and no longer works. Therefore, collisions with adjacent mower discs and subsequent damage are excluded.


Conditioner with steel free swinging V-shaped steel beaters for quality forage

- Extra wide toothed rotor with a diameter of 640 mm.

- Free swinging V-shaped steel beaters for highest reliability.

- Infinitely adjustable ribbed flap.

- Stepped gearbox for 600 and 900 rpm.

- Adjustable wide spreading flap.


Quality forage with high performance: The V-shaped steel beater has a huge diameter of 64 cm and attracts attention thanks to its outstanding performance and high conditioning quality. The infinitely adjustable ribbed plate influences the conditioner action.

 Two in one: The cutter bar and conditioner are driven by a joint gearbox. The integrated stage gearbox for the CV conditioner has two rotational speeds: 600 and 900 rpm.

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