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Eurocomach ES 400 ZT Excavator Operating Manual
Eurocomach ES 400 ZT Excavator Operating Manual
Eurocomach ES 400 ZT Excavator Operating
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Eurocomach 28ZT 35ZT Compact Excavators Specification
Eurocomach 28ZT 35ZT Compact Excavators Specification
Eurocomach 28ZT 35ZT Compact Excavators
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History of Eurocomach Mini Excavators

Eurocomach – compact technology for small construction sites

To perform construction operations in dense urban areas, on sites of limited area, in public utilities, in private courtyards, the use of standard earthmoving, lifting and transport mechanisms is not always possible. All the necessary work is carried out with greater efficiency by compact units - mini-excavators, loaders, multifunctional backhoe loaders.


Equipment with small dimensions is offered on the market of special equipment by the Italian company SAMPIERANA SPA under the trademark EUROCOMACH. The production program of the company includes 11 modern models of mini-excavators, 6 modifications of backhoe loaders. Crawler excavator Eurocomach ES 800 TR

Mini-unit weighing 8 tons in a single-bucket design, full-revolving, with a hydraulic drive of the executive equipment and undercarriage. Produced from 2004 to 2006.


Small size, good maneuverability and maneuverability, sufficient power of the power plant allowed the mini-excavator to replace larger equipment on small construction sites:

when forming foundation pits;

digging trenches for utility equipment, pipes and cables;

conducting loading operations;

improvement of territories;

performing operations inside enclosed spaces. As with all mini-excavators, the ES 800 TR is based on the technical solutions of standard-class machines. The geometric dimensions of units and assemblies are reduced, less powerful engines are installed. Accordingly, such a unit will not show high productivity in earthmoving work, but its main task is to mechanize manual labor in areas where the use of conventional machines is impossible.


Crawler trucks, a slewing bearing (SPU) and a bulldozer-type blade are attached to a solid steel frame. On the platform of the control unit, a rotary support of the boom of the executive body, a power plant, components and lines of the hydraulic system, and an operator's cabin are installed.

The power plant is an in-line naturally aspirated 4-cylinder MITSUBISHI S4S diesel engine with 4 working cycles with a power of 40.5 kW, mechanical speed control, liquid cooling system. The unit is reliable, meets environmental standards, durable in operation.

The hydraulic system regulates the flow rate depending on the load. Working hydraulic pump (185 l/min) axial piston type, auxiliary (25 l/min) - gear. The maximum pressure in the system is 290 bar. An additional circuit of the system ensures the operation of the hydraulics of attachments of replaceable equipment.

The static type hydraulic transmission includes two hydraulic motors, through planetary gears, rotating the drive sprockets of the track. The unit provides two speed modes - working with increased traction and transport with a higher speed.

The controls are located on the consoles at the armrests of the chair. Bucket device, turn and turn of the boom are controlled by 2 joysticks. The direction and speed of movement are set by 2 levers, the position of the dozer blade is adjusted by a lever.

Operator's cab - provides a complete overview of the work area, equipped with ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. The operator's seat is adjustable, mounted on a shock-absorbing suspension.

The executive equipment is a three-link boom-handle (TR designation in the machine marking), which allows the use of working and replaceable tools with greater efficiency. The shapes of boom structures are selected taking into account the uniform distribution of loads. The support of the boom equipment has a mechanism that allows the boom to rotate at angles of 50 ° from the longitudinal axis to the starboard side and 90 ° to the port side, which is important for working in cramped conditions.

Working tools: universal and specialized buckets with a capacity of up to 0.22 m3, hydraulic hammer, drilling rig, clamshell loader, hydraulic shears, etc.

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