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History of Renault Agriculture

Renault first began making automobiles in 1898 and experimented with tractors until 1910. During World War I, Renault built a light tank for the French army, and the design of its first industrial tractor was based on the design of this tank. After World War II, the production of tractors became a priority for the company, in part thanks to a government order to restore the agricultural economy. In 2004, Renault Agriculture was bought by Claas and the Renault name disappeared from tractors.

Renault was engaged in the production of tractors from 1918 to 2008 (more precisely, the division of Renault Agriculture was engaged in this). The division cooperated with third-party manufacturers, since it is rather difficult to produce such a specific equipment on its own. The first Renault tractor was the Type GP.

Thanks to reliable and advanced technology (there were modifications with all-wheel drive and even with a 12-speed transmission) Renault tractors in the 70s were considered almost the most popular in France. 

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